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Personal Information Handling and Management Policy
ASTO Co., Ltd.("the company") understands any information that identifies the customer to whom such information pertains
is important. The company, therefore, observes the law of 「Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection」
The company informs the purpose and method of use of the information provided by customers, the actions to protect
the customers' personal information through the Personal Information Handling and Management Policy of ASTO Co., Ltd.("this policy").
The company shall publicly announce any changes in this policy by posting a public notice on this website(or individual notice).

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
(1) Collection of Personal Information
- Collected Items: Name, Contact details, Email
- Collection method: Inquiries posted on the website
- The company does not collect any sort of customer's sensitive information that may seriously infringe on private life.
- The company collect only the information voluntarily provided by the customer who want to inquire about the product or any other things of the company.
(2) Purpose of Use
- For replying to the customer's inquiries

2. Period of Handling and Retention of Personal Information
If the personal information must be retained according to the relevant laws and regulations, the company may retain the information for the specified period by the laws and regulations as follows:
- Retained Items: Name, Contact details, Email
- Basis of retention: Records on the customer's inquiries, settlement of complaint or settlement of dispute.
- Retention Period: 5 years

3. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
In principle the company shall not provide personal information of the customers to any third party, except in the following circumstances:
- If it does so pursuant to the regulations of the laws, or if there is any request by an investigative authority according to the procedures and methods established by laws for the investiagtion purposes.
- In case of providing in format not identifiable of a specific individual for statistical purposes, academic research or market research.
- If the user gives consent in advance

4. Installation, Operation, and Denial of Device for Automatic Collection of Personal Information
(1) What are cookies?
- The company uses cookies to store and load user Information, thereby providing personalized and customized service.
- Cookies are small text files that are sent from the company web server to the user’s browser, and are stored on the user’s hard drive. When users visit the website in the future, the website server will read the cookies in the hard drive to maintain the user’s settings and provide customized service.
(2) Purpose of using cookies
Cookies are used to identify the user’s website usage pattern, whether the user accesses through secure connection, and the number of the users in order to provide optimal customized service.
(3) Installation, operation, and denial of cookies
- Users have the right to opt in or out of installation of cookies. Users may choose to allow all cookies, to confirm every time cookies are enabled, or to block all cookies by making adjustments in the web browser settings.
- Denying installation of cookies may limit the usage of the services provided.
- How to enable cookies (Internet Explorer): (Top right side of the browser 'Tools' 〉 Internet Options 〉 Privacy 〉 Advanced Privacy Settings)
Company does not respond to any queries regarding the intent of the 1:1 inquiry.