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Cartesian Robot
Ball screw Cartesian
▶ High rigidity & Compact size
▶ Various combinations of Standard spec'
▶ Offering ease-of-design
▶ Noise optimization design
▶ Standard options of a Power-lock and
        semi-transparent inspection windows
        for the L/R parallel type
▶ Easy maintenance
Clean Cartesian
205 / 5000발음듣기복사하기필기인식기번역하기자동완성자동완성
영어열기/닫기 아이콘
▶ Optimized space utilization design implementation
▶ Standardize Clean Ball Screw Robot design to provide design convenience
▶ Provides a sealed structure suitable for the Clean Room
▶ Parallel Translucent Belt Cover Applied
▶ Small URC045065090B Wide LM Applied
Clean Ball Screw Type Basic Stiffness Improvement Structure Application Block Flange Type Application
Belt Cartesian
▶ High stiffness & compact size
▶ Design convenience provided through standard table
▶ Low noise design
▶ 2,000mm that is difficult to apply the ball screw
Stable drive on above Stroke
▶ Implement constant speed regardless of stroke
▶ Convenient maintenance
Linier Cartesian
▶ High rigidity & Compact size
▶ Offering ease-of-design
        through standardization table
▶ Noise optimization design
▶ Maximum acceleration/deceleration of 2G
▶ Minimizing velocity ripple
▶ Easy maintenance
Dustproof Cartesian
▶ High rigidity & shielding structure applied
- Apply structural analysis
- Same performance in smaller sizes
▶ Standard configuration of various combinations
▶ Design convenience provided through standard table
▶ Low noise design
▶ Convenient engagement anywhere on the top and bottom
▶ Convenient to maintain compared to clean type (URC)
UKR Cartesian
▶ All-in-one structure of Runner Block and Ball Screw Nut
▶ Easy installation and maintenance
▶ Compact and lightweight
▶ High precision
▶ High stiffness
Contact information
The person in charge (H.P)
Main Tae-jin Jeong : +82-10-9722-0021
Sub Jin-Hyerk Kim : +82-10-3049-3288
Precision Stage
Gantry Stage
Hybrid Stage
▶ High-freedom logistics system configuration
▶ High speed (Max. 5m/s) and high precision position control (Max. 5μm)
▶ Different carrier weight correspondence (Max.5ton)
▶ Return Carrier Without Cable
▶ Up to 32 carriers can be independently controlled for speed and high precision position
▶ Sensing the position of the non-contact carrier using the hole sensor
▶ Various tracks can be configured, including linear tracks and oval tracks
▶ Semi-permanent life and easy maintenance
▶ Utilization of special environment
- Response to high temperature environment at 150°C
- Response to high vacuum, vacuum chamber environment
- Response to inert gas, chemical environment
▶ Stage that allows X-Y transport and 가능한 (rotational) movement on the same plane
▶ Standardized using 3~4 assemblies (Ball Screw, Lm Guide, Cross Roller Bearing) on one side
▶ Standardize UNIT desired by customers with diversification of upper tables
▶ Available for semiconductor equipment, display equipment, and inspection equipment
▶ Can be used for PCB substrate manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment
▶ Easy to attach and detach for componentization design
System,  Module,  Equipment
▶ Coater, Bonder, Laminator
▶ Dispensing, Testing, Loading/Unloading
▶ Assembly & Sealing
▶ Conveying, Packaging, Palletizing